North Umpqua trail


Asarum caudatum – Long-tailed ginger.  North Umqua River trail (Tioga section), 4.25.15.  Still hoping to stumble on the marbled variety in bloom.


Disporum hookeri – Hooker’s Fairybell.  North Umpqua River trail, 4.25.15.


The Umpqua River.  Isn’t it a beauty?  I went to the Glide Wildflower Show this spring in Glide, OR.  Don’t get me wrong, the flora was fun to look at, but the show-stoppers were the pies!  I tried a slice of Larry’s apple pie and it’s still on my mind. Show organizers also offered guided hikes on the North Umpqua River trail and I got to see wild ginger for the first time.

2 thoughts on “North Umpqua trail

  1. I was just there…lovely spot. Do you know what the plant is that looks like a cyclamen? Veined, heart shaped leaves about 3 inches across, ground hugging. Love your blog!


    1. Thank you! I believe what you saw is marbled wild ginger leaves (Asarum marmoratum or hartwegii). The North Umpqua area has two wild ginger varieties I believe…marbled and long-tailed ginger…I’m just not 100% sure which variety of marbled ginger they have. Hope that helps.


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