Rough & Ready Creek


Balsamorhiza sericea – Silky balsamroot.  Rough & Ready Creek in O’Brien, 4.30.15.

This balsamroot beauty is quite rare as well as endemic to the Siskiyou Mountains.  For me, the leaves are the obvious giveaway that it is sericea.


Lewisia oppositifolia – Opposite-leaved lewisia.  Rough & Ready Creek in O’Brien, 4.20.15.


Viola cuneata – Wedge-leaved violet.  Rough & Ready Creek near O’Brien, 4.30.15.


My favorite site that I volunteer at is near Rough & Ready Creek in O’Brien.  One of the volunteers that lives in the area took me to a secret swimming hole of clear, emerald green water the last time I was there (photo above). It has a name but…

Road-trippers that are stopping at the National Parks & Monuments along this route drive right through O’Brien, so if it happens that you’re making this trek soon and love wildflowers, be sure to stop at Rough & Ready Creek Botanical Wayside off of Hwy 199 for a picnic. The rare Bolander lilies will be in bloom soon.

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