Wild Ginger


Asarum wagneri – Green-flowered ginger.  High Lakes Trail No. 6200 (by the Great Meadow), 5.25.15.

One book that I enjoy is Oregon’s Best Wildflower Hikes, southwest region by Elizabeth L. Horn.  There are a number of hikes in it that are not in my other books.  I just happened to flip open Horn’s book the other day to the Great Meadow hike (p.165-169) and read “… look for … green-flowered wild ginger, which is found in only a few places in the state…”  (I had never heard of it – here is a NPSO article on it that is worth reading.)   If I walk into the middle of my street and look east to the Southern Cascades, there is a stunning view of Mt. McLoughlin (elev. 9495′).  If the mountain is clear of clouds then I know it’s going to be a beautiful day there.  I was incredibly lucky – the weather was perfect up by the mountain and green-flowered wild ginger was blooming everywhere along the High Lakes Trail No. 6200.  On the way back I stopped at the Mt. McLoughlin trailhead (I believe I was actually on the Pacific Crest Trail) and poked around a bit and found it there too.  Also to note – the leaves had a delightful fragrance.

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