Kerby Flat

P1010057Calochortus howellii – Howell’s mariposa lily.  Eight Dollar Mountain, 6.3.15.  What a beauty! This lily is endemic to the Siskiyou Mountains.

P1010071P1010074Darlingtonia californica – California pitcher plant and flower.  Days Gulch Botanical area, 6.3.15.  I did not find a single Howell’s mariposa lily at Days Gulch.  I don’t know if I was too early or if there aren’t any this year.  I only found a few along Illinois River Road and the one I photographed at Eight Dollar Mountain.  The darlingtonia were thriving though!

P1010078Kerby Flat hiking trail, 6.3.15.  Talk about a beautiful loop hike!  There is very little tree canopy so this is not exactly an ideal summer hike unless you fair well in extreme heat.  You can always take a dip in the Illinois River. Watch out for rattlesnakes – they are usually sunning on a log or rocks and will give you a rattle warning, then slither away.  I also encountered a pile of black bear droppings but they haven’t given me any reason to be afraid of them – yet.  We encountered two last year and they both ran away at light speed.

P1010083The emerald green Illinois River from the Kerby Flat trail, 6.3.15.

P1010084Umbellularia californica  – Oregon myrtle (or California bay laurel).  Kerby Flat trail, 6.3.15.  Bay leaves!  They smell wonderful and are much more fragrant when you use them in a recipe than the bay leaves you buy at the store.

P1010093P1010092Epipactis gigantea – Stream orchid.  Mouth of Deek Creek & Illinois River, 6.3.15. These pictures don’t do the stream orchids justice, I’m sorry.  I love them. They are common along the Illinois River and nearby creeks.

P1010100P1010117 Cypripedium californicumCalifornia lady’s slipper orchid.  Star Flat fen, 6.3.15.  I was about ready to give up finding these.  I missed them last year and tried a couple spots this year with no luck.  Just as I was hanging my head down in shame – after adding nearly a mile to the hike to find them – there they were, looking right at me.  That sort of moment tends to happen to me a lot when I’m searching for a particular flower!

P1010061 P1010105 P1010107 Lilium pardalinum subsp. vollmeri – Vollmer’s tiger lily.  Star Flat fen, 6.3.15.  Butterfly pollination.  Also on my wish list for wildflower season 2015 is a Wiggin’s tiger lily.

And that wraps up my hiking adventure!

9 thoughts on “Kerby Flat

      1. Thank you Renchan Li. I don’t really consider photography a hobby – I can be impatient and prefer to keep moving. I do like to capture the whole flower though to help with identification.

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  1. Have you ever hiked in any of the mountains down here around Mount Shasta, in the Trinity Alps or Marble Mountains? There are vast meadows full of the Darlingtonia. It is pretty impressive. The largest concentrations of them that I have seen are in the Trinity Divide, around Mount Eddy and along the crest, further to the south.

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