Mt. Ashland

P1010281P1010290P1010284Calochortus elegans – Elegant Star Tulip, McDonald Peak (off of NF 20), 6.23.15.  I was very delighted to find these.  The flowers were so precious & tiny – they were only a little larger than a quarter – and I didn’t notice them until I was on my way back to the truck!

P1010291Mt. Shasta, taken from NF 20, with a macro lens – sorry!

P1010297Lupinus lepidus var. ashlandensis – Mt. Ashland Lupine.  Mt. Ashland (near the summit), 6.23.15.

P1010312Platanthera leucostachys – White-flowered Bog Orchid, NF 20 near Mt. Ashland, 6.23.15.  Me and my terrible orchid shots!  This was a first find for me even though it is a pretty common orchid in Oregon.

P1010302Veratrum californicum – California corn lily.  NF 20 near Mt. Ashland, 6.23.15.  Who knew that the corn lily had such pretty flowers?

P1010317Lilium pardalinum – Leopard Lily.  NF 20 near Mt. Ashland, 6.23.15.  Do you see the moth hiding inside?  I do not know what subspecies this is!  If you were to tell me it is a Wiggins’ Lily, I would be very happy.  It was growing along the roadside.

Truth be told –  I went to McDonald Peak in search of Monument Plant and didn’t find it so I did experience some disappointment today. However, Mt. Ashland is erupting with wildflowers right now.  Your best bet is to drive up to the ski area, drive through the parking lot that will likely be empty, and continue on to the unpaved NF 20.  You must have a high clearance 4WD vehicle because this road gets very rough and uneven in some spots.  You can follow it for miles and miles and it will not disappoint.  The views are breathtaking.  The Pacific Crest Trail also passes through so you can hike through these beautiful wildflower meadows as well!  We are about to experience an insane heat wave (the current 10-day forecast does not show a day under 100 degrees) so it’s a perfect place to escape the inferno!

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