Calochortus persistens – Siskiyou Mariposa Lily

P1010357Many of the Calochortus lilies are rare and protected due to their declining numbers, therefore some degree of research goes in to pin-pointing their location.  Calochortus persistens is one of those lilies.  I find that government studies are usually the most helpful.  I found four peaks as potential spots, but Google Earth imagery only showed two with forest service roads nearby. So off to Yreka, CA we went and then headed west into the Siskiyous. It was 90+ degrees up at 6000′ and after I came up empty at my two locations, I was ready to give up. We got back in the truck and drove off when I told my boyfriend to stop after quarter of a mile.  I found an open, rocky spot that looked promising. And then there she was – an expired persistens! And then the late bloomers started to catch my eye.

P1010364 P1010366P1010372 P1010377P1010387 P1010398Calochortus persistens – Siskiyou Mariposa Lily.  West of Yreka, CA, 6.29.15.

P1010394 P1010395Persistens was sharing this same space.  Anyone know if this is a weed?  I don’t know the asteraceae family at all.

P1010351Lilium washingtonianum – Washington Lily.  West of Yreka, CA, 6.29.15.  Just thought I would share another lily I found.  This was the only one around that was still in bloom!

3 thoughts on “Calochortus persistens – Siskiyou Mariposa Lily

  1. Like these nice photos: so clear, steady and story telling. I often pay attention to the wild flowers during my hikes in San Diego and other southern California; I like there being able to find a living in such drought condition.

    The flower in the last photo is look like an orchid flower, that is one of my favorites. I like tall pine trees too. Thanks for sharing.


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