Crater Lake National Park – Mt. Scott hike

P1010523Crater Lake, from the Mt.Scott hiking trail.

P1010528Mt.Scott hiking trail.

P1010541Mt.Scott summit.

P1010539Oregon’s most beautiful lake, arguably.

P1010519 Lupinus lepidus  – Alpine Lupine.

P1010521I think this is Eriogonum marifolium – Sulfur eriogonum.


P1010532Raillardella argentea – Silver Raillardella.

P1010536Potentilla glandulosa – Sticky Cinquefoil.

P1010549Penstemon and Paintbrush.  Anyone know what kind of paintbrush this is?  It’s a beautiful rose color.

P1010553Mt. Scott, elevation 8929.’  The hike is 4.4 miles with an elevation gain of 1250′.

I was looking forward to a NPSO field trip at Mt. Scott yesterday, but my work week left me exhausted & my body was telling me to relax on the sofa, so I … watched HBO and ate chocolate instead. I have a coworker/friend that lives near Crater Lake and she offered to do the hike with me today. I took in the wildflowers along the trail and also stopped at Castle Crest to see my beloved Lewis monkeyflower, but my worst fears were confirmed:  I’m just not in love with the flora of Crater Lake.  (If only the park had its own Calochortus lily!)  Perhaps I’m being too honest here.  Don’t get me wrong – I always enjoy visiting and there is so much to see & do!  The view of Crater Lake from the top of Mt. Scott is magnificent and well worth the hike.

p.s. I will label the flowers in the photographs later!

p.p.s. There is a flora guide available for purchase at the Crater Lake visitor center or online.  It is Sharpe’s 101 Wildflowers of Crater Lake National Park by Grant and Wenonah Sharpe, updated and expanded by Ken Carloni.

2 thoughts on “Crater Lake National Park – Mt. Scott hike

    1. I’m sorry but I didn’t think to stop & look at huckleberries. I did see some in Northern Cali yesterday at about the same altitude and the berries were still green.


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