Boundary Springs trail

P1010709 Plant i.d. help:  What am I?

P1010700 Spiraea splendens – Subalpine Spirea.

P1010717Platanthera stricta – Green Bog orchid.

P1010733Huckleberries.  We gobbled the ripe ones!


P1010732I started this post over a week ago!  I have been working in the wildfire smoke and I’m zonked.  My throat hurts, my eyes are watery, and my lungs must look like burned toast.  I won’t be able to hike again until the smoke clears.  Could be a while! Anyhow, the Boundary Springs trail leads you to the headwaters of the Rogue River (which is within Crater Lake National Park).  It’s a beautiful and easy five mile hike, but you can add a section of the Rogue River Trail to the hike to make it longer.  We hiked about 10 miles total.  The wildflowers have peaked in this area.

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