Illinois River – Jeffrey Pine Loop Trail

P1020008P1020011P1020016P1020017P1020019Pseudotrillium rivale or Trillium rivale – Siskiyou wakerobin.  Near the Illinois River, 2 March 2016.  Is it me or does California refer to it as Pseudotrillium rivale and Oregon as Trillium rivale?  They are the reason I went hiking today.  I was hoping they’d be in bloom.

P1010995Cardamine californica – milkmaids.  Near the Illinois River, 2 March 2016.

P1020001Viola cuneata – Wedge-leaved violet.  Near the Illinois River, 2 March 2016. Sometimes the back of a flower’s petals help with plant i.d.

P1020022Fritillaria affinis – checker lily.  Near the Illinois River, 2 March 2016.  I found gobs of these with buds.  I never get tired of them.

P1020020I hiked along the connector trail from the Jeffery Pine loop trail (that’s where I park) to the Little Illinois River Falls loop trail.  The connector trail parallels the Illinois River, which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful river in all of Oregon.  It had a very swift current today.


Oh wow, I just created little circle pictures.  How cute.  After my hike I drove down to Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside.  Why, I don’t know, because I rarely have luck at that place.  The first time I went I thought it was the best botanical gem ever because I found a Bolander’s lily.  I’ve never seen one again.  The photo on the left is of Fritillaria glauca (Siskiyou Fritillary) leaves. I was expecting to find more and I only spotted a few immature plants.  I found three last year and that was it. And there were some shooting stars in bloom.

That’s all for this week!  Next week I’m headed to Winston, OR to see Oregon fettid adder’s tongue.

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