Rogue River trail at Grave Creek

I’m starting to get a little behind on posting about my wildflower “adventures.” I intended to go hiking along the Rainie Falls trail last week (um, two weeks ago?) but it was closed due to a rock slide.  So I crossed the bridge and went to Grave Creek and hiked along the Rogue River trail instead. After a half mile I encountered a waterfall that was cascading down some rocks, over the trail, and into the river, so I turned around.  That was one of those moments where accidental death crossed my mind.  I saw myself slipping on a wet rock and…good-bye. The small section that I did hike was wildflower heaven.  I couldn’t believe all the Red Bells (Fritillaria recurva) in bloom.  I wanted to get closer to them but deer ticks, poison oak (which I just got over), and steep terrain kept me at a distance.  Wishing all of you a happy spring!!!

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