Jacksonville woodland trails

Jacksonville woodland trails, 24 March 2016.

I went to see the Giant Wake Robin (Trillium albidum) and my timing was a little off. They are only found along the lower elevation trails (Sarah Zigler Trail, for example) and the majority are about a week away from blooming.  The higher elevation trails are loaded with Shooting Stars right now (and poison oak…so don’t let your kids and/or dogs go running off trail).  And the Henderson’s fawn lilies (Erythronium hendersonii) are sprinkled throughout the trail system in healthy numbers.  I never spend a lot of time hiking in this location even though I live nearby because the traffic noise from Hwy 238 gets to me.  I also stopped by the Jacksonville Historic Cemetery to check in on the fritillaria but I’d guess they are at least a couple weeks or more away from blooming.  The deer have already munched on some.  Anyhow, I’m going to update this post later if I can find a Gentner’s fritillary this year.

There is free public parking right by the library (it’s a very large parking lot) and a paved path will lead you to the trail system.  Don’t pack your own food if you go hiking here. Treat yourself to breakfast here or lunch here.  And if you like wine, then stop by here <— a must stop!  Jacksonville is a historic gold mining town that is worth exploring.

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