Mt. Diablo globe lily- Calochortus pulchellus

P1020306P1020307P1020342P1020347P1020275P1020293P1020312P1020316P1020327P1020325P1020336P1020295P1020270P1020303Calochortus pulchellus – Mt. Diablo globe lily.  Mt. Diablo – Mitchell Canyon.  05 April 2016.

Call me a nut case but I decided this is the year!  The year I will start using my flight benefits to see as many lilies from the genus Calochortus as possible (I’m aiming for three or four trips annually).  They are, hands down, my favorite and I love researching where to find them and when.  So a couple days ago I flew standby to Oakland, rented a car, and headed east to the beautiful Mt. Diablo State Park in Clayton, CA.  I parked at the Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center ($6) and followed these hiking directions to find the endemic Mt. Diablo globe lilies.  I found my first one along the Globe Lily trail, and after that they were smiling at me from all directions. I also found quite a few along Mitchell Canyon Road.  All in all I hiked about five miles.  It was a perfect day and Mt. Diablo is a botanical gem.  Until next time…

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