The North Umpqua

P1020479P1020535P1020514Asarum caudatum – Wild Ginger.  North Umpqua trail (Tioga section), 13 April 2016.

P1020484Trillium ovatum – Western trillium.  North Umpqua trail (Tioga Section), 13 April 2016.

P1020491P1020499P1020508Heck people.  I’m not sure what kind of marbled wild ginger this is.  It is either Asaram hartwegii or marmoratum.  I *think* it’s the former.

P1020538P1020546P1020549P1020552P1020558P1020559P1020560Fall Creek Falls.  13 April 2016.

P1020562P1020569P1020573P1020561P1020578Watson Falls (my favorite waterfall in Oregon), 13 April 2016.

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