Kalmiopsis leachiana

P1020829P1020838P1020845P1020831P1020828Kalmiopsis leachiana along the Illinois River Trail (east) at York Creek 24 April 2016.

I went on a group hike a couple days ago.  When the last hiker trickled around the corner and saw the very rare Kalmiopsis leachiana in bloom, she leaned in to me and said, “Can you believe we came all this way for this fucking flower?”  Um, yes. We got busy taking some pictures, laughing.  None of mine turned out.  It hailed, it rained, it was cold, it was windy, and the road was too soggy to drive all the way to the trailhead and added mileage to the hike.  The scenery, however, was beautiful, and a number of wildflowers were in bloom.

P1020790P1020888P1020854P1020873P1020809P1020791C. tolmiei – Illinois River Trail (east), 24 April 2016.  These little beauties are loving life along the Illinois River right now.

Viola douglasii – Illinois River trail.


Other wildflowers in bloom along the trail.  Siskiyou iris are out in great numbers right now.


P1020915Illinois River trail.

P1020853Illinois River.

P1020796Panther Creek.

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