C. tolmiei x C. uniflorus

P1040032P1040040P1040044I was really excited to find this beautiful hybrid of C. tolmiei x C. uniflorus the other day at Days Gulch – 27 April 2016.  It was a beautiful shade of purple.  Too bad I didn’t get a perfect picture of it.  *Shudder.*


P1030985P1030997P1030999P1030986C. uniflorus full of rain water.  Most had drooping heads.


I didn’t find any Calochortus tolmiei at Days Gulch, but there were a zillion along Eight Dollar Mountain Road.  In fact, I have never seen so many in bloom before.


P1040021A rainy day at Days Gulch.  I’m ready for some sunshine.

P1020991Also blooming right now in the area is Western Azalea.  It is very fragrant.  Well, I’m off to California tomorrow for another Calochortus adventure!  Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “C. tolmiei x C. uniflorus

  1. C. amabilis and C. luteus are amazing in the areas of Lake and Yolo Counties that burned last year. Very abundant along the Redbud Trail to Cache Creek, east of Clear Lake last weekend! And lots of other flowers.


    1. I’m actually flying in to SMF later today (but driving to the East Bay) – I’ll see if I can squeeze in time to get to that trailhead. I would love to see them. Thank you!


    2. Tim, I’m going to head out this weekend on a short California Calochortus roadtrip and plan to hike this trail. Fingers crossed C. amabilis & C. luteus are still blooming. Thank you again!!!


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