Grizzly Peak

P1040252P1040245P1040255P1040259Erythronium klamathense – Klamath fawn lily.  Grizzly Peak trail,  06 May 2016.  The trail was very muddy.  My boyfriend and I were slipping and sliding all over the place, but I was stubborn.  As in, we came this far, so we’re going to see the fawn lilies.  I promise I know where they are.  The weather has finally improved so I imagine the trail will be in much better shape by this weekend. Anyhow, Grizzly Peak is the only place in Oregon I know where you can find this lily, so you better go see them soon!

P1040232P1040250Grizzly Peak trail, 06 May 2016.  Western trillium & a Pacific tree frog along the trail.

P1040278P1040272P1040266Shale City Road, 06 May 2016.  Giant wakerobin trillium & Henderson’s fawn lily.  I love finding flowers that have already bloomed at the lower elevations, now blooming up at 5000′!  Until next time…

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