Cache Creek Natural Area

I decided to go on a road trip down to Central California this past weekend.  A fellow blogger tipped me off to an extraordinary mass bloom of C. luteus and C. amabilis in a section of the Cache Creek Natural Area that burned in a wildfire last year.  The bloom was beyond spectacular!  It was certainly the most impressive display of lilies I have ever seen.

P1040597P1040432P1040452P1040427Calochortus superbus – Superb Mariposa Lily.  Cache Creek Natural Area,  15 May 2016.

P1040393P1040419Calochortus amabilis – Golden Globe Tulip, Golden Fairly Lantern, or Diogenes’ Lantern. Cache Creek Natural Area, 15 May 2016.

P1040497P1040434Calochortus luteus – Gold nuggets or Yellow Mariposa Lily.  Cache Creek Natural Area, 15 May 2016.

5 thoughts on “Cache Creek Natural Area

    1. Oh no, were you going to go there for your book? I suppose the scenery might not make for the nicest landscape photos right now. There were areas that were untouched, but (obviously) other sections were scorched/devastated. Fire improves soil quality & eliminates competition, so many wildflowers are currently thriving and loving life…perhaps that is the one and only benefit. I have been enjoying your hiking updates!


      1. I was not going to include it in my books but it is an area I have spent time in since I was a kid. When I drive home to Sonoma County, I still drive through there on Hwy 20. I know fire is good and in many cases, long overdue, but it is just hard to enjoy it after the devastation.


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