Pilot Rock

I experienced some disappointment today.  A couple years ago, when the old Pilot Rock trail was still in place (and what a miserable scramble it was), I found C. elegans at the base of Pilot Rock. The new trail is well done – the trail switchbacks rather gently to the base – but there’s one problem for the flora lovers.  It follows a forested section (I think it is the east side) and so the dry, rocky outcrops (with the more unique flora, in my opinion) are now inaccessible and closed for habitat restoration.  But!  There is a point where you can access the PCT, Lone Pine trail, or Pilot Rock trail. On the way down, my GPS showed a dry, rocky area along the Lone Pine trail so I checked it out and thought for sure I would find C. elegans.  But they were nowhere to be found.  I was quite crushed.  So what’s a sad girl to do after a hike?  Enjoy lunch here.  The pastrami sandwich was the best part of my day!

Flora along the Pilot Rock trail and Lone Pine trail – 09 June 2016.

P1040927Pilot Rock (shot with my macro lens!).

P1040936Another shot with the macro lens (I regret to inform you that I have no plans to change my photography ways) along the Lone Pine trail.

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