Calochortus leichtlinii

I made a quick trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park a couple days ago.  My time was limited and I specifically went to see C. leichtlinii, but much of the park was putting on an outstanding wildflower show.  I learned plants from both the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges are found here.

P1050236P1050225P1050221P1050194P1050191P1050160P1050162P1050147P1050139Calochortus leichtlinii or Leichtlin’s Mariposa Lily- Lassen Volcanic National Park, 07 July 2016. Aren’t they just lovely?  I found them in greater numbers along the Mill Creek Falls trail but they were in rocky outcrops on a Kings Creek trail detour (the main trail was closed for maintenance).

These are either Mountain Mule Ears or Balsamroot.  They were lovely and covering the meadows in large numbers.

Lilium pardalinum ssp. shastense .  I found these right at the park’s entrance!

Erythronium purpurascens – Sierra Nevada fawn lily.  They were so small and delicate!  And as soon as I tried to get close, poof!  Mosquitoes swarmed at me in large numbers.

I hiked three different trails and the popular Mill Creek Falls trail was the most spectacular in terms of wildflowers.  They are peaking right now.  The park is open 24 hours, so if you can get there early in the morning to hike, then you will encounter fewer people.

P1050242Wildflower meadow.

P1050239Mill Creek Falls.  (Had to photograph it this way to crop out all the tourists.)

P1050237Mill Creek Falls trail.

P1050233Mill Creek.

P1050174P1050170Sulfur Works.  I quite liked the steam and smell!

P1050105Mt. Lassen & mostly frozen Lake Helen in the foreground.

Landscape shots taken with my macro lens.    =)

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