Southern Cali desert flora

I made a spontaneous decision a few days ago to fly to Palm Springs and check out the desert flora. I finished my shift at work, ran through security, and made it to the gate just as the flight was boarding.  The Pacific NW can’t seem to kick winter and I was craving some sun and blue sky.  I also wanted to see desert lilies (Hesperocallis undulata) and the dreamy ghost flowers (Mohavea confertiflora). Don’t be disappointed, but I didn’t make the drive to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. I instead went to the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument and the Desert Lily Sanctuary.

P1050661P1050658P1050656P1050646Mohavea confertiflora – Ghost Flower.  06 March 2017.

P1050609P1050608P1050605P1050602P1050583Hesperocallis undulata – Desert Lily.  Desert Lily Sanctuary, 06 March 2017.  This flower is actually in the Agavaceae family.  I also learned that Hesperocallis means “Western beauty.” Here are some other desert beauties that I found:

I also see there are some Calochortus observations already being posted in iNaturalist!  I’m so excited!  Flight loads through the end of March are heavy due to spring break but I’m still hoping I can make a couple more trips.  I want to see Fritillaria liliacea in San Francisco. Until next time…


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