Calochortus kennedyi (and ambiguus)

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Tucson (flying standby to TUS this time of year was serious a gamble – I got lucky and made my flights, but I nearly bit off all my nails waiting for a seat to come home)!  I first explored Catalina State Park and then Saguaro National Park (West).  Catalina State Park is a gem! The brightly colored wildflowers put on a great show in the desert Southwest. Enjoy.

P1050879P1050883P1050886P1050891P1050909P1050914P1050896P1050863P1050873P1050867P1050862P1050884Calochortus kennedyi – Desert mariposa lily.  Catalina State Park, AZ – 09 April 2017. Aren’t they lovely?

P1050902P1050901Calochortus ambiguus – Doubting mariposa lily.  Catalina State Park, AZ – 09 April 2017. This was a surprise find!  It appeared to be all by its lonesome, but was on top of a steep hill.  I wasn’t about to look over the side.


P1050919P1050921P1050858P1050855P1050848P1050845Flora of Catalina State Park near Tucson, AZ – 09 April 2017.

P1050924P1050928P1050929P1050931P1050935P1050939P1050927Saguaro National Park (West) – Hugh Norris trail, 10 April 2017.  The Saguaro cacti bloom from late-May through July, but the flowers last for less than a day and the bloom starts in the middle of the night!

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