Calochortus flexuous

I made it to Las Vegas earlier this week and explored Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  I found one of two lilies I was looking for.  Calochortus striatus wasn’t blooming yet, so I will try to make it back when they are in bloom.  I found several Calochortus flexuous in bloom at Red Spring and at Fossil Canyon (I did hikes at both locations but spent the most time at Fossil Canyon.  I also hiked at Ash Spring).  I even found a mutant mariposa (see photo below)!  Enjoy.

P1060033P1060036P1060051P1060052P1060059P1060091P1060093P1060113P1060116P1060121P1060134P1060132P1060137P1060142P1060143P1060145P1060163P1060170Calochortus flexuous – Straggling mariposa lily.  Rock Garden Trail (Fossil Canyon) – Red Rock National Conservation Area, 17 April 2017.

P1060158Calochortus flexuous – Straggling mariposa lily.  Look closely, it’s a really cool mutant!  I found this at Fossil Ridge.

P1060212Calico Hills.

Flora from both locations.

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