Calochortus tolmiei

I had a feeling I would really miss living in the Rogue Valley once the spring wildflowers started blooming.  I don’t know if you’ve been in this position, but I love my job in Portland and the pay is better …but I’d much rather live in Southern Oregon.  What to do, what to do.  I took this week off from work and visited.  Here are the lovely Calochortus tolmiei of the Table Rocks:

P1060255P1060307P1060248P1060242P1060300P1060218P1060229P1060227This one was pretty in pink.

P1060301This one was sooooo cute and hairy! (All photos above are from Upper Table Rock, 24 April 2017.)

The lilies pictured below are from Lower Table Rock (25 April 2017).  Prescribed burns were done earlier this year along the lower part of the trail and the lilies were thriving around the burned areas.  Now is a great time to go and see them blooming.  If you only have time to hike one of the Table Rocks this spring, I would recommend Lower Table Rock but go soon.  The floral displays on top will leave you speechless.  And as always, I recommend you have a glass of wine and snack at Kriselle after your hike.  You’re welcome!



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