Calochortus weedii var. weedii

I flew down to San Diego this week to see the lovely Weed’s mariposa lilies blooming at Cowles Mountain.  A small wildfire started when I arrived in the late afternoon!  I went back the next morning and the trail I wanted to hike was closed because of the fire, but I still found quite a few lilies blooming along the other trails.  They were just getting started though so you have plenty of time to see them.  I also encountered a really large rattlesnake that resembled a tree branch from a distance and was stretched out across the entire length of the road – it made me laugh – because he was in no hurry to move and I had to get to the airport.

I have a few Calochortus adventures planned over the course of the next couple weeks (seems like the ones I want to to see this year will all be blooming at the same time) plus I have a job interview next week.  Wish me luck that I can make this all work.  The second photo down is my favorite!  Until next time…P1060604P1060599P1060615P1060612P1060614P1060621P1060545P1060542P1060546P1060563Calochortus weedii var. weedii – Weed’s mariposa lily.  Cowles Mountain, San Diego – 22/23 May 2017.

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